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      Product Detail

      Sodium dodecyl sulfate (K12) HTN-5


      Sodium dodecyl sulfate (K12) HTN-5


      Chemical composition: Sodium fatty alcohol sulfate
      ROSO3Na R: C12-14
      Quality index

      Appearance White or light yellow (granular) solid 
      Active matter, % ≥94
      Sulfate, %(for 100% Active matter )≤ 5.0
      Non-sulfating matter , %( for 100%Active matter )≤ 2.0
      PH value(Aq. Solution of 1% Active matter ) 7.0~9.0
      Chroma, (Aq. Solution of 5% Active matter )Hazen ≤ 10
      Moisture , % ≤ 3.0


      White or light yellow granular solid . It can be used in carpet cleaners, dish-washing detergents and detergent for hard surface. Widely used in shampoo, bubble bath agent, wash hands etc; also be used as foam agent of toothpaste,cream, powdery shampoo products. Also used as Emulsifier, foam agent of of extinguishing agent, textile Chemical and electroplating additive.

      Packing and Storage
      powder( granular) K12: 25kg plastic bag lined paper bag.

      Should be stored in a cool & dry place, avoid sun and rain.

      Shelf periodfor powdery product is 2 years. 


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