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      Product Detail

      Diffusant NNO(Dispersing agent) HTF-14


      Diffusant NNO(Dispersing agent) HTF-14


      Chemical composition: sodium salt of Naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate

      Quality index


      Beige brown powdery solid



      Diffusivity ≥95%

      PH value (1% Aq. solution)




      Water solubility

      Soluble in any hard water


      1. This chemical is acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, heat-resisting and resistant to hard water and mineral salt.

      2. While using together with anion and non-ionic surfactants, it is of good diffusivity and colloid protecting property without penetration and foamability and other surfactants. 
      3. It is mainly used in pigment pad dyeing of vat dyes, vat acid dyeing and dyeing of dispersive and soluble vat dyes, ect. It also can be used in dyeing of silk-wool fabrics to make silk without coloring.

      4. It can be used as dispersing aid, rubber emulsion stabilizer and leather auxiliary tanning agent during dispersion and lake manufacture. 

      Recommend Dosage

      1. As a dispersed filler of disperse and vat dyes. Dosage is the 0.5~3 times of vat dyes or 1.5~2 times of disperse dyes
      2. For tied dye, dosage of Diffusant N is 3~5g/L, or 15~20g/L of Diffusant N for reduction bath.
      3. 0.5~1.5g/L for polyester dyed by dispersed dye in High Temperature High pressure.
      4. It can used in the dyeing of Azoic dyes: Diffusant Dosage is 2~5g/L, Dosage of Diffusant N is 0.5~2g/L for development bath.
      Packing and Storage
      25kg or 40kg plastic bag, Stored at room temperature in dark place, Storage period is one year.

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