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      Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

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      Product Detail

      High efficient oil-water separator agent HTS-5


      High efficient oil-water separator agent HTS-5


      Chemical composition: dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride / acrylamide copolymer;
      CAS: 26590-05-6
      Quality Index:





      Colorless to light yellow transparent viscous liquid

      Solid content



      PH value (1% aqueous solution)



      Viscosity(25°C, cps)



      Application performance:
      This product is easy to dissolve in water, has good stability, cationic, high molecular weight, and has electric neutralization and strong adsorption bridging. Therefore, it is suitable for oil-water separation of oil-water mixture in oil recovery. For fine particles containing anionic chemicals or negative charges. The sewage or waste water, whether used alone or in combination with inorganic coagulant, can achieve the purpose of rapid and effective separation or purification of water. It has synergistic effect, can accelerate the flocculation speed and reduce the cost of using the product.
      This product can be used for crude oil secondary mining, tertiary production product dehydration, oilfield oil wastewater treatment, oilfield containing oil-dispersing polymer sewage, oil refinery oily wastewater treatment, food plant oily sewage treatment, paper mill middle-stage wastewater and deinking wastewater treatment, urban underground wastewater treatment, etc.
      Packaging and storage:
      Packed in 50kg/125kg plastic drums;
      Sealed packaging, sealed and stored, avoid contact with strong oxidants. Valid for two years.
      Regarding products and specifications, users are welcome to make suggestions and requests, exchange information, improve them, improve services, and meet customer needs.
      There is no fixed mode in application technology, and customers can conduct experiments and applications based on self-generated processes and equipment conditions.


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