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      Product Detail

      Hydrophilic fixing agent (50%) HTF-458


      Hydrophilic fixing agent (50%)  HTF-458


      Chemical Composition: Small molecular polymers

      Quality Index: 

      Appearance Light yellow thick liquid 
      Solid Content 50±1%
      PH (1% Aq. Solution)  3.0-6.0
      Ionicity  Cationic

      Application Property: 

      1. It does not contain free-formaldehyde and cominbative formaldehyde. 

      2. It can improve hydrophilicity of fabrics after fixing obviously, and it has no effect on shade and the hand-feeling of fabric. 

      3. It can improve the fastness of fabric, such as blister fastness, soaping fastness, etc.

      4. It can be used for fixation for reactive dyeing or direct dyeing, and also suitable for printing fixing. 

      Recommend Dosage: 

      1. Impregnation method: 1.0~4.0%(o.w.f), temperature: 40~60°C,time:20~30 min.

      2. Padding method: 5~20%

      Packing & Stroage: 

      125kg plastic drum. Keep it in dark place at room temperature.

      Stroage period is one year. 

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